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Campus Life

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Facilities and services

Computer and Internet

24-hour computer room

The Computer and Information Networking Center provides 24-hour computer rooms. Students must use their ID cards to pass the gate control. Users can surf the Internet and run various kinds of application software. Both black and color laser printing is supported. We grant each student NTD 100 for free printing each semester. Once this free quota is used up, students must pay for printing. Browsing pornographic web sites or playing games is prohibited. Violating the rules will result in the suspension of access rights.


Every student at NTU possesses 300 MB of web space, and an e-mail account in the form of “student ID number@ntu.edu.tw.” As all important school announcements and academic information will be sent to this account, please make sure you have access to this account and check your mail box regularly for your own benefit.

To activate your account and modify the password, please refer to changepassword.cc.ntu.edu.tw ( Your account is your student ID number, such as b95101001, starting with a lowercase letter. Your password is preset as "a" plus your "birth date", such as "a + MMDD". ) This is also the account which you will use to authenticate several online services at NTU.

NTU Campus Wireless LAN Services

Faculties, staff and students of NTU can access the NTU campus wireless network. To gain access to the “ntu” network, log in with your NTU e-mail account and password. You will need to log in each time you would like to connect through this network.

To gain access to the "ntu_peap" network, a separate registration with another username is required. Unlike the “ntu” network, your device will automatically connect to the “ntu_peap” network after configuration.

Configuration details: ccnet.ntu.edu.tw/wireless/wireless.html
Borrow a wireless LAN card: ccnet.ntu.edu.tw/wireless/renting_card.html ( only available in Chinese )


The General Library in NTU is the main library on campus. In addition to this main one, law and medical libraries located outside the main campus are also available for all students. Some departments have their own collections. The GL has magazines, periodicals, collections and occasional small exhibitions from the first to the third floor. The audio and video collection is in the multimedia center on the fourth floor. Students also have the option to study in the B1 study hall, where they can utilize the quiet study environments in Areas A, B, and C and surf the internet in Area A.

Sport courts

NTU provides a variety of sports facilities, including a track and field, as well as courts and sports grounds for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, handball, etc. NTU students can borrow basketballs, volleyballs, badminton racquets and birdies, and other sports equipment by temporarily turning in their student ID card at the Gymnasium.

The sports center also provides a large number of high-end indoor sports facilities, including a weight training room, badminton courts, table tennis courts, dance rooms and basketball courts, and a heated swimming pool.



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International Students can all apply for accommodation. However, the University is NOT able to arrange accommodation for couples or families.

Introduction to Dormitories

The university provides several dormitory options, including Prince House, IYC and General Dorms. The following is a brief introduction to the different dormitories.

Prince House -- NTU Chang-Hsing ( Ch. 長興 ) / Shui-Yuan ( Ch. 水源 ) Dorms

Accommodation is provided by Prince Corp. in cooperation with NTU. There are two Prince House dormitories:Chang-Hsing Dormitory and Shui-Yuan Dormitory, which are both located near campus. Internet and water are included in the rent, while electricity, telephone, and cable TV bills are separate. Facilities in the room include an independent bathroom, a bed ( without a mattress ), table, book shelf, closet, refrigerator, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, cable TV output, internet, and telephone output.

The accommodation contract usually is signed for one year, with 2 month's rent paid as a deposit. Winter and summer breaks are not free of charge. In case of early termination of the contract ( except for graduation or termination of the exchange period ), the early termination fee is one month's rent.

Guo Qing Dorms ( IYC )

Guo Qing dorm, also known as the International Youth center, is a dorm for graduate students and international exchange students.

General Dorms

The Student Housing Service Division facilitates dorm placement for students who apply for the general dorms; for this type of accommodation, it is not possible to choose which dormitory you will live in.



Please visit Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University website.