Yu, Po-Jui Instructor

Tel:886-2-2312-3456 ext. 88436

Candidate of Ph.D., Nursing, National Taiwan University

MS, Medical-surgical Nursing , National Taiwan University

BS, Nursing, National Taiwan University

 Current Position and Experience
Nurse, National Taiwan University Hospital  

Assistant Instructor, Department of Nursing, National Taiwan University

Head nurse, National Taiwan University Hospital  

Supervisor, National Taiwan University Hospital

Lecturer, School of Nursing, National Taiwan University  

Clinical Nurse Specialist, National Taiwan University Hospital
Gastrointestinal Nursing, Medical-surgical Nursing, Urological Nursing
 Research Results


Research Journal Article 
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Conference Presentation 
Yu, P.J. (2000). The Effects of Bowel Preparation with Colon Cancer Patients. Presentation at 13 th WCET Congress in Singapore. 
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